Sundog: Frozen Legacy is a game for the Atari ST series of computers.  In my opinion this is one of the best games for that machine, and in fact is one of the best games period.  It isn't a strategy game, or a space combat game, or a role playing game.  The concept of the game is that you are a former slave, who just inherited your uncle's starship.  Along with the starship you inherited the contract that your uncle was working on, to supply a colony with the materials and equipment it needs to grow.  You must take your ship, the Sundog, to the various planets within this area of space and acquire the goods through buying and selling or other means, and deliver them to the colony when they are requested.

This page is far from complete, but here are a few things I have put together so far to aid myself in the playing of this game.

These individual pages of cities are printable in horizontal format to fit on one page.

Here is a cool framed map browser, just like in the game!

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